Why you want Mandrel Bent Exhaust

For top performance and efficiency, your car's engine needs to "breathe" well.  And, a big part of that is an efficient and unrestricted path to allow exhaust gasses to escape.

Typical factory-made and even some "performance" aftermarket systems use "crush-bent" pipes in the exhaust system.  And, crush bending machines such as the Huth are the staple of local muffler shops everywhere.  This manufacturing technique bends the pipe efficiently but unfortunately it allows the pipe to "crinkle" in the bend which decreases the inside diameter and causes restriction which robs your engine of both power and economy.  Think of bending a drinking straw or even kinking a garden hose: It's exactly the same problem.

The alternative to "crush-bent" is mandrel bent pipes.  Both processes use heavy concave dies outside to hold and form the pipe as it is bent.   They both use hydraulic pressure to bend the pipe around the dies.  But, mandrel bending adds an additional step, a die (the mandrel) that supports the pipe from the inside as it is bent and prevents the crinkling and collapsing.  This inside die is mounted on a long shaft and it is articulated, meaning that it moves during the bending process.  It has three, four or even five "donuts" that are ever so slightly smaller than the inside diameter of the pipe and are held to the tool by a ball and socket and spring arrangement.  These donuts swivel and pivot as the pipe passes over them.  White lubricant TOWERDRAW TC-89 is a modified complex chemical soap, water soluble paste, formulated as a lubricant for metal forming. Provides a strong barrier film, high degree of lubricity, and extreme pressure protection for the tooling. TOWERDRAW TC-89 is primarily intended as a mandrel lubricant for tube and pipe bending and for end forming operations. Can be used on a wide variety of metals including; ferrous, stainless steel, aluminized, titanium, inconel, aluminum, and copper alloys. Contains a solid film lubricant, PTFE, to reduce the coefficient of friction and improve lubricant film strength is injected through the mandrel to the inside of the pipe during the bending process.

The results are smooth, uniform, constant-diameter bends that greatly reduce restriction and improve both the performance and efficiency of your engine.  One of the most immediately noticeable advantages of a mandrel bent aftermarket exhaust system is the deeper and more aggressive rumble and "growl" of your exhaust.


mandrel bend

mandrel bent elbow
crush bent elbow

 Above is a sample of a mandrel bend                       vs                            A crush bend

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